Pandora DXL4200

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Pandora DXL 4200 Moto security system is made to protect your motorcycle or ATV from hijacking. The system is controlled through a non-contact immobilizer tag which automatically turns on the system when the owner backs away from the vehicle and turns off when the owner comes near the vehicle. All Pandora DXL 4200 immobilizer tags work on a 2.4 MHz frequency, using a dialogue code. This makes the alarm system immune to electronic hacking.

Pandora DXL 4200 Moto security complex has a sealed waterproof body, an integrated GSM module and a shock/tilt/motion sensor. The GSM module allows the owner to control the system using a mobile phone. The alarm system informs the owner if the battery is low. When triggered, the security system will automatically send an SMS message to the owner. Using a mobile phone the owner also can start or stop the engine. 

Pandora DXL 4200 Moto technical features:

  • A beneficial solution for motorcycles without a CAN bus interface. 
  • Modern voice interface
  • Authorization through non-contact immobilizer tags – Hands Free mode
  • Immediate notifications when triggered. 
  • Low battery notification
  • Remote engine start/stop using a mobile phone.

System set:

  • Base unit
  • Non-contact immobilizer tags
  • Main cable
  • LED indicator with cable
  • Reed sensors
  • Clamps 
  • Batteries
  • User manual and warranty
  • Package

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