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Pandora DXL 4400 Moto is an anti-theft security system, made to protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism. The alarm system uses a dialogue code and non-contact immobilizer tags for authorization. Also Pandora DXL 4400 uses an advanced encryption standard (AES). The owner can set the alarm system on and off simply by coming near the vehicle or backing away from it.   

There is a special bracelet/immobilizer tag that comes with the Pandora DXL Moto set. The bracelet is made in a way, that it is easy to push the on/off buttons in motorcycle gloves. The Pandora DXL 4400 motorcycle alarm system has a built in CAN bus interface, this allows the systems installment on to the newest motorcycle models, without using additional modules. The owner can always be aware of his/hers vehicle status using an integrated GSM module. 

Using a mobile phone, you can start or stop the engine, use it to set the alarm system on and off, and also receive notifications about the security systems status. The owner can set the auto-start engine feature so that it starts in the designated time, certain temperature or certain battery charge level. Furthermore, the Pandora DXl 4400 Moto alarm system will contact the designated numbers if an emergency situation takes place. 

System set:

  • Base unit
  • Immobilizer tag
  • Bracelet/immobilizer tag
  • Microphone
  • Main cable
  • LED indicator with cable
  • Reed sensors
  • Clamps 
  • Batteries
  • User manual and 

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