Starline V66

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Starline v 66 is a smart immobilizer which uses Bluetooth Smart technology, and also has a built-in engine lockout relay.  The authorization in Starline v 66 security system is made by a miniature waterproof immobilizer tag, or VIA smartphone with an installed Starline mobile app. The user can also authorize by simply pushing the clutch leaver.  Thanks to the interference-resistant Bluetooth Smart technology, the Starline v 66 alarm complex is working perfectly in big city conditions. The system has an integrated digital shock/tilt sensor which automatically turns on the siren when someone is trying to impact your vehicle. There’s a reed sensor included, it helps to protect the luggage box on your motorcycle. It triggers the alarm whenever someone is trying to break in.

System set:

  • Bluetooth immobilizer tags 
  • Base unit with integrated shock/tilt sensors
  • Reed sensor and magnet
  • Siren
  • Plastic card with PIN code
  • User instruction manual and factory warranty
  • Clamps

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